TV DX Equipment

I live in a first floor apartment in Champaign, IL. Most of our local channels are to the west-southwest which is exactly where the window faces.

TV Fool from K9SWX QTH
TV Fool report from my location in Champaign, IL

My new receiver is a SiliconDust HDHomerun Connect (HDHR4-2US). I have it hooked up to the RabbitEars live bandscan website via a Raspberry Pi 2 which gives me an automated look at what I’m receiving day/night even when I’m not in front of the TV.

Since outdoor antennas are not an option, I am using a Terk HDTVa (amplified) that points out the window to the west-southwest. It’s the only antenna I’ve found that works at my location. I originally got it to pull in Fox and ABC out of Springfield, IL (65 miles away) since our local affiliates are on the other side of the apartment.

Terk HDTVa
Terk HDTVa amplified indoor antenna